Main Street

We believe that the cities and towns that are most successful in attracting creative people are the ones that will be most successful economically in the years ahead. Accordingly, Main Streets are well positioned to take advantage of one of the biggest emerging trends in community revitalization: the growth of a creative class - and the strong preference of creative individuals for older business districts and historic buildings. West Memphis is committed to preserving the unique charm and characteristics of our downtown. The City of West Memphis is proud to sponsor the efforts of our Main Street program that establishes partnerships that bring fresh resources and ideas to our district.

In The Great Good Place (1989), author Ray Oldenberg calls community-gathering places third places (first places are home; second places are work).

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He defines these as places where people meet friends and build personal connections in their communities-places that are easily accessible to neighborhoods and that become part of residents' everyday routines. Oldenberg and a host of urban planners and sociologists consider “third places” to be crucial to creating healthy towns and cities, enriching civic life, discouraging isolation, and defining community personality.

West Memphis is blessed with a strong community base that believes that by building a strong heart in our city and giving our heart what it needs to survive that, in turn, this heart will feed the rest of the city body and increase our economic growth.

Main Street West Memphis strengthens its downtown district by bringing business-related workshops and training to business owners, support and guidance on preservation concerns, and assists in overall appearance improvements.

The businesses on our Main Street are ready to serve you with excellent customer service and attention to your desired details.

Main Street, the heart of West Memphis, in the Arkansas Delta,

Executive Director
Main Street West Memphis