City Clerk

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Primary Duties

The City Clerk acts as secretary of the governing body. They assist in preparing the agenda for the council meetings and the recording of minutes of City Council meetings. 

The permanent record of the actions of the municipality’s governing body and its laws and orders is extremely important. This is a principal duty of the city clerk’s office and the basis on which many of the clerk’s activities are organized. It is the responsibility of the clerk to establish a clear and lasting record of the governing body’s actions.

The City Clerk’s Office ensures open and transparent access through a multitude of services, including but not limited to: records-related services, creating agendas and conducting all public meetings, and commission handbooks.

The clerk then files the original ordinances, resolutions, and minutes in separate books as a permanent record of the city.

File all contractor bonds.
File all Industrial Revenue Bond issues.
Privilege License:
Ordinance 987 levies an annual privilege license upon all persons, partnerships, associations, firms & corporations engaged in carrying on or following certain trades, businesses, professions, vocations, and callings within the corporate limits of the City of West Memphis. Amount of license vary depending on type of business.

Yard Sale Permit $15.00 each. Residential areas only, two permits per year.

Dog License$6.00 each. Proof of vaccination required.

Taxi Cab/Limousine License$10.00 per driver. Current health certificate, FH drivers license, and police check required.

3% TaxAll hotels, motels, & restaurants pay Advertising & Promotion Tax to the City Clerks Office monthly. Due the 1st, delinquent after the 20th. Forms available.

5% Mixed Drinks TaxCollect 5% mixed drinks tax monthly from all mixed drinks facilities.

Retail Beer, Wine, Liquor LicenseRetail Liquor $250.00 twice a year, Retail Beer $80.00, Retail Wine $40.00. Due June 30th. State License required.

Attention Contractors: All contractors doing business within the city limits will be required to purchase a City of West Memphis Privilege License and are required to have a bond.

All commercial/industrial work $50,000 or more will be required to have a State of Arkansas Contractors License in their relative field.

Residential Building/Remodeling work of $2,000 or more will be required to have a State of Arkansas Residential Contractors License. 

General Contractors License Fee: $300, $10,000 Surety Bond

Sub-Contractors License Fee: $100

Mechanical Contractors License Fee: $150, $5,000 Surety Bond, Class "A" License

Electrical Contractors License Fee: $125, $10,000 Surety Bond, AR Master License

Plumbing Contractors License Fee: $125, $5,000 Surety Bond, AR Master License

West Memphis City Clerk Attention Contractors 2

As local government becomes increasingly complex, local officials must understand the duties and responsibilities of their offices. The links below will help assist you in learning their statutory duties and responsibilities. 

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