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Posted on: June 7, 2019

City of West Memphis will provide job opportunities for the youth this summer

West Memphis Mayor Marco McClendons Youth Empowerment Initiative

By: Siobhan Riley

Fox 13 News

West Memphis City Council approved $55,000 for the program and that doesn’t include the additional funding from private partners.

In the coming weeks, 100 teens will get to work, but the mayor wants to hire even more teens.

15-year-old Unique Long is like many teenagers who applied for several jobs, but is having a hard time finding work.

“It really is cause some don’t be hiring, like you want one and you can’t get one,” Long said.
Mayor McClendon said the city will start interviewing teens in few weeks for its summer job program.

They just hired coordinators to assist with the program.

Long said she will be one of the first to complete an application.

“I think for those that it would kind of help them to stay out of trouble, keep them working and make money and stuff that they want that they can get for they self,” she said.

Teens will take on jobs in departments with the city, small businesses and non-profits, such as the Boys and Girls Club.

Although they are hiring 100 teens, McClendon is expecting at least 500 applications or more.

“If any other small businesses that want to be involved, industries here, we need to support, we need to hire as many kids as we could,” Mayor McClendon said.

"The teens that's not working, if they not able to start right now, they will see the teens that's working and it wil motivate them to want to work whenever he's able to more to work," Tabitha Long, a parent said.

McClendon said an employer in the city that wants to remain anonymous donated about half of the funding.

Those students who will make $9.25 an hour will start their jobs at the end of this month.

If interested, you can call West Memphis City Hall to apply.

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