Mississippi River Bridges: Resilience of Multimodal Infrastructure through Floodplain Restoration and Protection

This project would protect the five major surface transportation facilities that converge in the floodplain of the Mississippi River’s western bank, bridging the river and connecting West Memphis, Arkansas (population 24,520) to Memphis, Tennessee (population 633,104). This project will restore the floodplain with natural infrastructure, reducing deforestation, improving ecosystem health, and preventing concentrated erosion and scour, which will otherwise lead to catastrophic failure of these elevated transportation facilities.

The Mississippi River’s floodplain forests are dying. The race is on to bring them back.

By Mississippi River Basin Ag & Water Boat in Mississippi RiverDesk, Special to the Daily Memphian

Floodplain forests play a pivotal role in the river ecosystem – creating wildlife habitat, improving water quality, storing carbon and slowing flooding. But they’re disappearing.

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Letters of Support

  1. Arkansas State Senate - Clarke Tucker
  2. Arkansas House of Representatives - Milton Nicks
  3. Arkansas House of Representatives - Deborah Ferguson
  4. State of Arkansas Senate - Murdock
  5. Debra Moody_State House of Representatives_TN
  6. Tom Leatherwood_State_Rep_TN
  7. City of Memphis - Mayor Strickland
  8. Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative
  9. Arkansas State University
  10. USACE
  11. Union Pacific
  12. City of Lakeland TN - Planning
  13. Lower Mississippi River Conservation Committee
  14. Big River Park Conservancy - financial commitment
  15. Memphis Hightailers Bicycle Club
  16. Greater Memphis Chamber
  17. City of Memphis - Ford Canale - City Council
  18. Arkansas House of Representatives - Deborah Ferguson
  19. TennGreen Land Conservancy
  20. Ducks Unlimited - financial commitment
  21. Crittenden County AR
  22. Shelby County TN Mayor
  23. Start2Finish Event Management
  24. West Memphis School District
  25. Memphis Tourism
  26. US House Rep - Steve Cohen
  27. City of Lakeland TN - Parks
  28. TN House of Representatives - Kustoff
  29. Memphis and Shelby County TN Division of Planning and Development
  30. Town of Atoka TN
  31. Town of Collierville TN
  32. AutoZone
  33. LOS PROTECT 2023 - West Memphis 081823
  34. Arkansas State Senate - Clarke Tucker
  35. FedEx
  36. Regional One Health
  37. Memphis Runners Track Club
  38. Tennessee State Senate - Paul Rose
  39. Downtown Memphis Commission
  40. The Armstrong Company
  41. Arkansas House of Representatives - Milton Nicks
  42. Letter of Support - Olive Branch
  43. Arkansas US Delegation - Boozman - Cotton - Crawford
  44. St Francis Levee District
  45. City of Southhaven MS
  46. West Memphis Chamber of Commerce
  47. City of Marion AR
  48. City of Hernando MS
  49. Major Taylor Memphis
  50. University of Memphis
  51. Former Arkansas State Senator - Keith Ingram
  52. ARDOT