Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is tasked with promptly, effectively, and efficiently investigating all criminal offenses that occur within the City of West Memphis. The detectives work diligently to identify, apprehend, and charge the proper suspect(s) when appropriate, but are also thorough in their investigations to protect the rights of those accused wrongly or in error. Detectives are available during regular office hours as well as on a rotating on-call schedule. Detectives respond to many incidents, including all major crime scenes.

All CID detectives are veteran law enforcement officers with specialized training that provides them a high level of expertise in crime fighting as well as the skills to interact closely with the public to help prevent crime. Being a detective with the West Memphis Police Department requires confidence, determination, compassion, the ability to make good decisions based on reason and logic, and the willingness and desire to be fair and impartial. Detectives spend considerable time consulting with and seeking the advice of local prosecuting attorneys and judges. The detectives also, on a routine basis, work closely with other law enforcement agencies at all levels – local, state, and federal.