Frequently Asked Questions

I got a ticket, now what?
​First, check your court date and time. If your violation is not court required, you may pay online by clicking the Arkansas Online Court Payment tab or pay in person at the district court office by the date and time noted. If you have to appear in court, then make sure you have all pertinent documents such as proof of insurance, valid driver's license, and cash or check to pay fines and costs.​​

​• What do I do if I missed my court date?
​Immediately contact the district court office at 870-732-7560 to see if a warrant has been issued. If a warrant has not been issued, you will be given the opportunity to pay or continue your case until the next available court date if this is the first appearance.
​WARNING: If you fail to appear in court as you have promised on any misdemeanor, you may be arrested and punishable by up to 1 YEAR IN JAIL AND/OR UP TO A $1,000.00 FINE.

​​​• How do I turn myself in on an arrest warrant?
​You may call or come to the district court office to determine which agency the warrant was issued out of. You will be given further instruction on how to proceed.​

​• What if I can't afford to pay on my payment plan?
​Call the district court office to notify the bookkeeper that you will be late making your payment. If the monthly payment agreed to is too high, you may request to be put back on the docket to discuss your payment arrangements with the district judge.

​• I can't make my court date, what do I do?
​General traffic and some minor misdemeanor violations may call and request ONE two week continuance by calling the court office prior to the date and time. However, some violations require you to appear and request a continuance from the district judge. You may hire an attorney to do this for you.