Doing Business with the City of West Memphis

As a local government, West Memphis encourages competition among potential vendors. This enables us to obtain quality goods and services at the best prices available and maximize tax dollars invested by the residents and businesses of West Memphis. 


Two quotes are required for any purchase over $2,500. Sealed bids are mandatory for purchases over $20,000.


Our goal is to make doing business with us as easy and convenient as possible.

To reach suppliers and contractors and to assure the quality and economy desired, the City of West Memphis Purchasing Department offers an electronic bidding and supplier-management system, eBid. This system enables us to improve our service to you by providing automatic bid notification and instant access to bid information via the web. Suppliers wishing to participate in the electronic bidding process may do so by clicking here.

Our Mission

The mission of the City of West Memphis Purchasing Department is to ensure compliance with local, state and federal laws applying to city purchasing while providing all vendors, including HUBS, equal access to the competitive process for the acquisition of goods and services. The Purchasing department provides an ongoing supply of quality goods and services to all city offices and is committed to maximizing the taxpayer’s dollar while maintaining the highest standards of ethics, integrity, public trust and transparency.

For more information please direct questions to the City of West Memphis Purchasing Department at 870-732-7584.

Purchasing Card Policy & Procedures Handbook

Mayor McClendon's Courtesy Vehicle Program