Recruiting Process

Applications (PDF) and personal history statement will be picked up from Human Resources as openings become available for hire.

Agility & Aptitude Tests

You will be contacted and scheduled for the physical agility and written aptitude test. Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) certified officers will not be required to take the written aptitude test.

Applicants should wear physical training attire and tennis/running shoes for the test. The Physical Agility Test will consist of:

  • Agility run
    The applicant will be required to complete the agility run, to the prescribed standard, within 90 seconds.
  • One mile run
    The applicant will be required to complete a 1 mile run in 12 minutes or less.

Certified Officers

Any applicant that has received a Law Enforcement certification (with a minimum of 400 training hours) from any state can waive the written exam. Officers will need to provide a copy of their training certificate at the time of application.

Background Investigation

You will be contacted by a background investigator and scheduled for a preliminary screening for the background investigation.


You will be contacted and scheduled for an oral interview by department command staff. You will be scheduled for an interview with the Chief of Police.

Examinations & Drug Screening

If given a conditional hiring, you will be scheduled for a physical and psychological examination and urine drug screen.

Failure of Steps

If you fail any of the above steps you could be excused from the hiring process. You would receive notification either in person or in writing before the next step.